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Discover a new concept, you thought you’d seen it all? Nalone recess over what you see, at a glance a normal vibrator at its inner edge technology at the service of pleasure.

Touch has an outer silicone and a stylish, ergonomic design that makes it one of our most seductive and attractive products. If that were not enough, the digital control allows you to adjust the intensity of the vibrations


  • Material: Silicone and ABS
  • Vibration modes: 7 + Touch Functionality
  • Dimensions: 218mm (L) x 46mm (W) x 64mm (H)
  • Charging: Rechargeable lithium polymer
  • Average time of use with a load: 2 hours
  • Waterproof 100%
  • Average charging time: 3 hours

Vibratoria②Punta ①Punta manual⑤Botón vibratoria③Logotipo④Botón of ON / OFF⑥Botón mode digital⑦ inductive mode Sheet metal

Manual stimulation modes

  • 1. Slow Vibration
  • 2. Average Vibration
  • 3. Quick Vibration
  • 4. Vibration gentle pulses
  • 5. Vibration pulses media
  • 6. Vibration strong pulses
  • short and long: 7. Mixed Vibration

How is it used?

  • 1. To load your vibrator, connect the USB cable to a USB charger adapter (adapter 5V / 1A recommended). Connect the other side of the USB cable to the base of the vibrator (at the bottom of the vibrator). While charging, parpadearauna blue light on the control panel to indicate that the load is estarealizando. Once loaded, the light flashing indicating dejarade estalisto for use. Please note that the first time you use it, or if you have not used in a while, you will probably not turn the light on for a few minutes.
  • 2.Si want massaging internally, use a condom.
  • 3. To turn your vibrator, please press and hold the button  for 3 seconds.
  • 4.Si quickly press the button , the vibrator will be in manual mode and the first mode of vibration. Each time you press the button will  change the mode of vibration, through 10 disponibles.Tanto standby mode or manual mode, holding down the button  the vibrator switch to automatic mode. The vibrator mode starts when you touch the metal around sensitive control panel
  • 5. For the vibrator off, hold the button down for 3 seconds.
  • 6. Each time you use, be sure to clean your vibrator with warm water and antibacterial soap. After cleaning, dry it with a clean, soft towel and place it in the bag contained in a cool dry place


◆ Be sure to load the vibrator completely before use.

◆ Clean / disinfect your vibrator with warm water and antibacterial soap.

◆ Use only water-soluble lubricants. Never use massage oils, hand creams or other types of lubricant.

Cleaning and Care

◆ After use, clean the vibrator is recommended to prevent bacterial growth.

◆ You can use warm water and antibacterial soap to clean the vibrator.

◆ Dry the vibrator with a clean, soft towel and place it in the bag included. Do not expose your vibrator to direct sunlight.

◆ Keep your vibrator in the sachet included in a clean and dry

Open a box Nalone product is quality assurance. Each product is wrapped in an elegant and unique rigid white box, in which you find inside

  • Vibrating Touch 2
  • USB Cable
  • Satin Case
  • 1 year warranty
  • User manual
  • Instructions for use

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