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Love Balls Ovo L1

Love Balls Ovo L1 helps tone muscles responsible for sexual pleasure pelvic floor, while maintaining the walls of the elastic,also sensitive to stimulation and pleasure vagina. Ovo set of balls are perfectly designed for customised use, can carry the balls in their support or use them individually.

Inside you will find two formats.

  • Balls with colour, lighter for beginners with 79.4 grams.
  • Chrome balls, weighing 85 grams, and 39.7 individual weight 34 gr.
  • Structure 100% hypoallergenic silicone.

When placed in its cradle, you can mix and match balls to reach the ideal weight.

Thanks to its flexible, soft and silky silicone perfectly slide in use.

Once you have them within you, your pelvic muscles begin to work trying to keep the balls in place.

Since L1 are so incredibly discrete, you can carry without anyone noticing, secretly and fun.

Both balls as support for these, they are completely respectful of your skin, phthalate-free and very hygienic, without forgetting that they are hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin.

Use a good water-based lubricant, in use if necessary (avoid silicone lubricants)

Ovo are toys with style, in 2015 the company State Uni-dense with German design has relaunched its entire line of toys with more advanced, powerful engines and improving the Quality of its engines, they have thoroughly reviewed each piece inside, continue their own style but with more advanced interior.

Seeking beauty and perfection

In OVO we have created something entirely new for demanding people, who attach importance to design and seeking beauty and perfection
The best materials, such as silicone, techniques most current development, in many cases unique and innovative solutions and products created and designed in Germany, ensure a level of production that ensures maximum quality. Proof of this is the 15 – year warranty we give without exception to all our items.

• 117 design awards

In recent months it has been awarded with prizes ovo most internationally renowned design. No other company in the world, regardless of the industry, has won so many honours for his design achievements. These include having won 36 times the award “red dot”.


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