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It is a prostate massager developed as a sex toy to help man while stimulating the prostate, the area of the perineum and testicles, made ​​in safe medical grade silicone. Masculine Point G (called point P in man) are those that control and increase the erection, orgasm and ejaculation. These are the areas where they are the centre of Pleasure. The new Bad-Boy  has a powerful vibrator 7 speed willing to maximise the sensations in one of the most erogenous zones of the male body, perineum. It fits perfectly the male anal canal to reach the prostate, causing vibration with a gentle massage prostate.

The Rocks Off Bad Boy Prostate Massager is large, no doubt, and its size (specifically, its 1.7″ diameter) should be taken into account before purchasing. Some users have reported that the bulbs on the shaft can be difficult to insert (since they are considerably larger in diameter than the shaft) and, once inserted, have a tendency to pop out easily. That said, once fully inserted (and perhaps in a sitting position, so that it can’t slip out) the curve of the Rocks Off Bad Boy is perfectly positioned to stimulate the prostate, combined with powerful vibration for your perineum and testicles.

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